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My emotions were all over the place!  I was excited!  Then I was scared!  Then I was excited again!  It was as if I was about to get on the best roller coaster of my life.  Should I do it?  The answer was a huge YES, and there was no getting off the ride once I was on it.

Hiring a life coach can be an emotional experience.

I mean you are making the decision to change your life.  That’s HUGE!  It SHOULD be emotional.

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According to think-legacy (and many other sources), the latin meaning of decision is “to cut off”.  (thinklegacy.com)

Think about it.  When you DECIDE to create a better life for yourself, you are cutting yourself off from other choices.  You are cutting yourself off from the lesser choices for your life forever.

You are the one who gets to decide.  You are the one that gets to cut yourself off from anything other than a fabulous life.  

When I thought about hiring my coach, I was very excited and inspired.  Then when I found out I was going to have to pay $1000 a month, I got scared.  But I was still determined to do it.  I had made the decision.  I had cut myself off from failure.  

But when I woke up the next morning (before I had made the final decision, and payment) fear took over again.

When we are stuck in fear, we are thinking about everything we will lose, and we are forgetting what we will gain.

I was focused on the money that I would lose, but not for long.  I shifted my thoughts from fear back to excitement by thinking about what I would gain from the experience.

It is easy to switch from fear to excitement.  If you are feeling fear, especially about investing in yourself, change your thoughts from anything you will lose and think about what you will gain.  Then you have transformed your fear into excitement.

When I decided to seriously limit my amount of sugar, I felt fearful of all the delicious food I would miss out on.  When I shifted my thoughts from what I would lose to what I would gain (better health), the decision was easy.

Think about decisions that you need to make that you know would be good for you.  Start to release where you are stuck in fear.  How can you focus more on what you will gain?  

A sacrifice is giving up something of a lesser value for something of a higher value.  Sacrifice is not pain and suffering.  It is cutting yourself off from a less than fabulous life.

Have a fabulous life and a wonderful Halloween!

Your Fab Life Coach,