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What a difference a day (and a shower) makes!

I took a sort of detour into darkness last weekend.

When you make your declarations to The Universe, especially under the full moon, The Universe listens.   And when The Universe gives you what you told it you were strong enough to handle, your old limiting core beliefs show up to say you can’t have what you want.

I am going to be offering a course in the New Year (yay!) called Beautiful Mind Beautiful Life where we will work on uncovering and changing your core limiting beliefs.  Stay tuned for more on that.

My core limiting belief is, “I can’t handle it”.  My limiting belief tells me I can’t handle life, being successful, you name it.  It says I was not cut out for this.  This is the little-girl-me talking.  She felt like she missed out on some huge secret that everyone else had that made them better equipped for this world than her.

Anytime I go bigger, this little girl tries to rear her old-little-girl head.  And this weekend, I let her do it.  

My life has been absolutely wonderful lately.  I have new clients.  I am making money.  I am getting wonderful feedback.  All the good stuff is happening.  I am going bigger, louder, safer.  I went to a networking event and felt NO anxiety.  BAM!

Then guess what happened?  I was critized!  Dear me!  

I allowed the way I was criticized to trigger my darkest fears.

The little-girl-me had a field day with it.  She threw a fit, a temper tantrum if you will.  My crazy came out, and I knew it was happening.  When I wrote to my coach, “I am thinking this means I suck”, I laughed at myself!  I knew that wasn’t true, and I have helped 100’s of people through the same type of thinking!  I couldn’t believe I was thinking it!

Still, I allowed it to take me over.

I cried, and I screamed.  I needed it all out of me.  Those fears were not real, and I allowed myself to prove it by letting them surface and clearing them away.  When I really called the darkness up to show it’s ugly face, it was not even that scary.  I could see it was a choice.

I needed to go to that dark place, look around, and decide how long I wanted to stay.  In the end, I know the light is not a really a choice.  The light is inevitable.  The choice lies in how long you stay in the darkness.  The darkness will always be there.  You can say 10,000 years if you want.  What do you want?

You can scream, punch a pillow, do whatever until you don’t need to do it anymore.  Because the fears are lying.  If you keep them on the surface and don’t address them, they will keep you stuck.  The reason why people don’t move forward with their lives is because they do not question their fears. Nothing in your mind has to be real unless you make it that way.

So here I am, bigger and brighter.   And ready, this time, to take on the world.

A little criticism can’t take me down.  I have to keep it in it’s place.  I thank it for what it taught me, and then release it.  I have learned to make it smaller in my mind compared to the awesomeness that is my life and my life purpose.

Today is the new moon, so tonight is a perfect time to release these fears once and for all.

Here is an exercise you can do tonight:

Let your fears really come up.  Let them surface.  Look at them.  Write them out.  Of what are you really afraid?  FEEL the fear!  Do not avoid it!  Let it move through you. Cry if you need to.  Yell if you need to.

Then ask yourself, Are these fears real or are they in my mind?  Do I want to live from these fears, or do I want to live from another place?  What do I choose from now on?

Then make the light in your life stronger.  See everything else as a minor bump in the road.  Don’t take things personally.  Anything someone else does or says is never really about you, even if it feels that way.  Simply don’t choose the negativity, the darkness, the heaviness.  Choose the light.  It is waiting for you.

I wish you peace and love and light!

Your Fab Life Coach,