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I texted my friend telling her I was questioning my marriage.

It is not easy for me to share that extremely personal moment.

I share in a real way in order to help and show how I have become a happy person through the struggles.

It is possible for you too, no matter what you are currently going through.

For me, it was bad.

I did not know what to do.  I hated EVERYTHING!  I really did.  It is hard now to even believe how low I got.  The depths of my despair were deep.  I was in it, and I had to decide which way to go.

Today I am talking about going from the above despair to falling in love with life  I swear, it is possible, and it is not a Stuart Smally as it may sound!

The reason why I can talk about this is because I was not always in love with life.  You could even say I used to be in hate with life!

You may say, “Elizabeth that is all fine, but I want to meet my soul mate”.  Falling in love with life will actually help you meet your soulmate and will make you current relationships even better.

I post all these pictures of my hubby and I on social media and talk about how wonderful our relationship is.  And that is very true!  But it was not always that way.

I went through a time that was rather scary.  It scared my husband and me both.  I was really depressed.  And I started questioning our marriage.

When I lifted myself out of my depression, I realized that I was blaming my marriage for my unhappiness when it was not my marriage’s fault!  It was mine!  I am not saying that in a self-deprecating way.  I am saying that in a way that gives me the power to change it.

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When I started falling in love with myself and with life, then I was able to love my husband the way we both deserved.  I can honestly say that today is the happiest I have ever been, and I love my husband even more every day.

And it is all because I took responsibility for my own happiness.

How do you fall in love with life, you may ask?  It’s pretty simple.

  1. Find The Magic. 

Your purpose is the find the magic in each day.  The magic is only in the present moment, and only you can find it.  It may be the energy you feel from your baby or the way the light hits the snow.  We can live for those moments.  Quantum physics now tells us that our awareness of particles affects their existence.  Once we are aware of the magic, it expands.  We take our attention away from the things that bother us and start focusing on the perfectness of it all.  Our vibes raise us above the limitations of this world.

2. Create Sacred Moments

Honestly, you can make anything sacred.  Start with creating sacred moments throughout your day.  This could be your yoga class or afternoon tea (I must think I’m British since we are going to England in two weeks.  Afternoon tea?)  It does not matter what it is.  In order to make something sacred, be fully present for it.  Enjoy the colors, sounds, textures.  Put your whole self into what you are doing.  Feel tingly in your body.  Notice that you are alive.  Allow the sacred moments to expand.  Ask yourself, how do I make this moment more sacred?

3.  Be Creative

We are all creative beings who are dying to create.  You can design your own life.  You might not feel like you can design your day right now, but ask yourself, what aspects of my day CAN I design?  Be creative in how you see things.  Read something that expands your mind.  Question your reality.


From an ex-life-hater, you can do this.  If I can, so can you.

I would love to hear from you now!  Tag me in social media when you find a magical moment!  Or write me and tell me how you are creating sacred moments or being creative!  I can’t wait to hear!

Peace and Love,

Your Fab Life Coach,