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Do things feel too heavy or complicated?

When things feel too heavy or complicated, it is because you are over-identifying with the physical realm.  

What is so cool is that the solution is simple and light!

Watch the video below or just keep reading!


Since our problems feel so complicated, we need a solution that is simple. 

And it is!   Connect with the spiritual realm, the angels, the Holy Spirit.  The spiritual realm feels and IS simpler and lighter!

It brings you above and beyond the problems of this world to the limitless peace that lies beyond.

So breathe a sigh of relief, because the answer to your problems is so simple.  The solution is spiritual.

A Course in Miracles says that angels are the thoughts of God.  

In order to feel lighter, start identifying with the angels, or the thoughts of God.

Take a piece of paper and make two columns.  In one column, write “heavy thoughts” and write all thoughts that are heavy to you right now.  In the column next to it write “lighter thoughts” and write a light thought for every heavy thought that you have.

Identify what thoughts right now help you feel lighter?  What thoughts give you relief?

Go with those thoughts, because they are your angels.  

They are the thoughts of God.

And they are very real. 

One thing I LOVED about London was all the angel decorations!  Especially for Christmas, they were all over!  So throughout this post I have shared pictures of angels that I found in London and Liverpool.  Angels are all around us all the time, but especially this time of year!   

I challenge to you find the angels, share on social media, and please tag me!  When you start looking, you will find them everywhere!

And let me know, what are your lighter thoughts!

Today is also the Winter Solstice and tomorrow is the full moon!  This represents a powerful and magical time of change!  I encourage you to go inward today and tomorrow.  Think about what thoughts you want to leave behind and what thoughts you want to bring with you into this new season.  Most of all, feel and connect with the magic and the angels.

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas, 

Your Fab Life Coach,