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I was listening to something recently about how we have almost too much wisdom at our fingertips these days.  In the past, you would have to climb a mountain to speak to a guru to receive some wisdom.  Now you just have to open instagram, and you will be flooded with insta-wisdom.  The result?  We are not taking any of it in.  

We can put little words of wisdom at the bottom of our emails.  We can read advice from hundreds of people every day.  It is all surface level until we actually take it deeper.  By deeper, I mean take the wisdom into our bodies.

So I am actually inviting you to take in less wisdom on a daily basis in order to avoid this trap of surface insta-wisdom that leaves us empty, without meaning, and depressed.  Pick a path.  Pick one spiritual path.  Pick a couple of teachers.  And really take their teachings in.  Live them.  Experience them.  Feel them.

You do not have to take them all in.  You can’t possibly.  Just pick a few.  

You can apply this to your life in other areas as well in order to create more calm.  You do not have to know everyone’s facebook status update.  You do not have to hear a ding every time you get an email.  You do not have to constantly know what celebrities are doing or even what the president of the United States is doing!  You just don’t.  It’s too much information, and it’s doing you more harm than good.

If you feel this, give me an amen in the comments!

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This year so far for me has really been about decluttering, limiting things I don’t need, and really focusing on what I want in my life.  It is my belief that if I live in the world with this focused and healed energy, it benefits everyone around me.

I am going to ask you to really take in what I am about to say.  First you must read and know it in your brain, but I am gong to ask you to take this one step further.  Feel it into your heart.  Then feel it into your soul.  Make it a part of you.

Whenever we are overthinking or worried, we are trying to control something.  Control is an illusion, and it is a harmful one to our human psyche.  We are not in control of what happens around us.  The only thing we can control is our outlook, our thoughts, in turn our feelings, and our actions.  Everything else is beyond our control.

Think of a time where something awesome happened in your life that changed you.  It changed you in a profound way and perhaps changed the course of events in your life.  Chances are, the instance you thought of was not something you planned or strategized or controlled.  It was something given to you by The Universe. You are always co-creating with The Universe.  You are not controlling The Universe.

When I was in the bad habit of worrying a lot (a habit that lasted over 30 years), I developed a technique that helped me to stop worrying.  It was something I had to do multiple times a day, and it worked every time.  

I would write down what it is I was worried about.  Then I would give it to God. 

Now we have all heard the saying “Give it to God.”  This can easily become insta-wisdom that is very surface level and actually means nothing to us.  But what does it mean to really give it to God?

Watch the below video for more on HOW to give it to God, or keep reading!


You have to do it physically.  If you are ruminating, worrying, going over something again and again in your head only to make it bigger and worse than it was when it started, then you know how horrible it feels to worry.  I consider it hell.  As Marianne Williamson says, “If hell is only in my mind, then that is the WORST place it could be!”

So if you can feel what worrying feels like in your body, you can also feel what giving it to God feels like.  Worrying, to me, in my body, feels dizzy.  I feel it in my head, my chest tightens, my brain works overtime.  I feel it from my heart up.  

When I pinpoint the worry by writing it down, and then say this prayer,

“I am at a loss.  I don’t know what else to do or think.  God, please help me to give this to you so you can take care of it.  I have done all I can.  Now I will trust you.” 

I physically feel a release in my head.  I feel a freedom.  My body, mind, and soul are one again.  I can breathe.  I am one with The Universe.  


Think of something you have been worrying about lately. Write it down.  Now say the prayer I wrote above or your own version of it.  You can substitute the word “God” with whatever you want.  Now feel how it actually feels to let that worry go.  I am doing it with you.  We are now One.  We can focus on the bigger picture, on our life purpose.  We were not sent here to worry.  We were sent here to create and love.  Let God handle the rest.  You can’t possibly figure it out at this point.

It would also help to keep the worries that I wrote down in a container or a journal.  I could look back and see if there was a pattern to what I worried about.  If there was, like if I worried too much about clients, illness, appearance, other people, or whatever it may be, and I practiced giving those worries over to a power bigger than myself again and again and again, it became like a muscle that I kept flexing.  The more I flexed it, it got stronger.  Every time that worry came up, the muscle of letting it go got stronger, which means the worry got weaker.  I could say, oh, here is an illness worry again.  I got over this a million times and am still here and fine.  This is easy to give over.

Please do not just read my words.  Feel the feelings.  Do it.  Live it.  Retain it.  Become it.  Insta-Wisdom goes away.  Perma-wisdom transforms you.

I want to hear from you!  Tell me how you are going to put this into practice!  Every morning? Every evening?  How does it feel to give your worries over to a power bigger than you?  

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Peace, Love, and No Worries,


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