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Are you ready for miracles?

Well, if you aren’t, get ready!

Miracles await your readiness!

A “miracle” is not as complicated or difficult as it sounds!  You can (and do) experience miracles daily if you bring the energy forth that allows them to occur.

According to A Course in Miracles, there are really only two emotions in this world, fear and love.  Anything that is not love is fear.  How is that for simple?  Remember our world tries to complicate everything.  The spiritual answer is always light and simple.  


I did a live training last week where we talked about changing our thoughts about things we cannot control in our lives in order to change our feelings, our actions, and our results in this world (the model from Brooke Castillo and thelifecoachschool.com).   Identifying our thoughts and choosing better ones changes everything about our lives.  But do we have to do it on our own?

The answer is no.  We have an internal guidance system.  We have a higher power.  We have God, The Universe, Higher Consciousness available to us.  We are not alone.

A simple prayer to your higher power is, “Please help me to see this differently.  Help me to interpret this with love instead of fear.  And listen for an answer.  When you meditate, you create space for higher consciousness into your being.

Our stress comes from making the mistake of thinking that we have to do it alone.  We have mighty companions.

Something else I spoke of in my training is thinking of everything that can go right instead of thinking of everything that can go wrong.  I have spoke of this in the past too.  Think of everything you are going to gain instead of everything you are going to lose.

I spent a lot of money at the end of the 2018 by joining a coaching program.  At first I was fearful.  I realized when I was fearful that I was thinking of the money I was going to lose.  When I made a simple shift thinking of everything I was going to gain, that is when the miracle occurred.  I lost the fear.  I got excited about the program and about life!


If you do not feel excited or happy about your life for the most part, then you can do something about it.  I believe we are put here to be happy, to feel good, and to experience miracles.  If that is not how you are living your life, then something is not right.  

A Course in Miracles says “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”  It says that miracles are your birthright.  When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.

According to A Course in Miracles, a miracle is simply a shift of perception from fear to love.  Yes, it is not a coincidence that I am calling my upcoming mastermind coaching group “Fear to Love”. (applications are still opened until next week!   Click here to apply!  It starts at the beginning of March!

In our Fear to Love group, we will meet via zoom biweekly for 12 weeks.  We will make the miracles real by claiming them and becoming more aware of them.  You will gain strategies to help shift your perception from fear to love.  You will gain more self-love and self-confidence.  You will gain more trust in The Universe.  You will learn how to create a life you want and get excited about life again!

So if you are thinking of doing something big for yourself right now, something that will improve your life, ask yourself what is stopping you?  Make sure you are not letting fear rule your life or keep you small.  Think about what could go right.  What could you gain?

Whether it is my coaching group or something else that will move your forward in your self development, take the plunge if it feels right for you!  

All my love and wishing you many miracles today!

Remember to apply here for Fear to Love Mastermind.  Think of all the fear you can loose and the love you can gain!  <3

Here is a video for you as well!

Peace and Love and No Fear,

Your Fab Life Coach,


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