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A Course in Miracles calls a miracle an internal shift from fear to love.  This post will walk you through how to create more miracles!

Do you ever feel miserable, and you cannot figure out why?  I would like to teach you something that you can do to help you figure out why you are feeling miserable or anxious and how you can turn it around!

Last week we talked about mindfulness.  I believe that mindfulness is so important with what we are going to talk about this week and everything moving forward.  When we start living life more mindfully, it affects every area of our lives.

For instance, if you feel you want to have more control directing your thoughts and feelings (what this week’s blog is about), practicing mindfulness will help you with this.  Your thoughts are what cause your feelings.  When you are more aware (or mindful) of your thoughts, then you can choose a better path for your thoughts AND feelings!   In turn, you will create a better life for yourself.

Mindfulness helps us see we have choices in how we think, act, feel, and live.


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This world tries to complicate everything.  Practicing mindfulness is simple.  That is the beauty of it.  Simply listening to the sounds around you, observing the colors and textures of what surrounds you, and observing the thoughts going through your head will help you to be able to choose the life you want.  Does it sound too simple?  I assure you it is not.  The ego will try to tell you it is.  That is the ego’s job, to keep you from happiness by telling you it is not possible.  

So tell the ego thank you for doing it’s job and keep reading.

Now that you are practicing mindfulness regularly, it is time to get a better hold on your thoughts and feelings.  Mindfulness will just make you stronger at what I am about to teach you.

Watch the video to learn how to feel better, or just keep reading!


First of all, know that when you are upset, it is always because of a thought that is going through your head.  So the first step is to identify the thought that is causing you to feel upset.  

This is when you might say, I don’t know what I’m thinking!  I’m just upset!  

That is okay.  At this point, I want you to stop and tell yourself, “I know I am thinking something that is making me upset right now even if I don’t know offhand what it is.  I am going to take a few minutes to identify what I am thinking, because taking this time will make my life better.”  Taking a few minutes to run through this exercise will be worth it to completely change your mood and your day.  


Just know that you are having a thought that is making you upset.  Your mission now is to identify that thought!  You can do it!

Here is a simple chart you can use: 

Situation (Who, What, When, Where) – In this part you write what is happening around you or what happened right before you got upset.


Thoughts (This is a sentence) – In this part you write down sentences going through your head.  Just write down everything going through your head.  Do not edit this part!  When you are done, circle the thought that feelings the most distressing.



Feeling (One word vibration in your body) – This section should be only one word.  Words like mad, glad, happy, sad, angry.


(For a downloadable and printable version of this form, please email me at elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com!)

When you are done filling the chart out, I want you to go back to that most distressing thought.  It might be something like “I suck.  I’m no good.  Everything is horrible.”  These thoughts are obviously inaccurate and unhelpful.  Once you identify that most distressing thought, I want you to ask yourself, “Is this thought helping me?  What would be a more helpful thought?”  And pick a thought that is more helpful!  It really is that simple!  Instead of thinking, “I suck” say to yourself, “Well that is not true, and that is not helping me.  I am a child of God.  I am human, and I’m allowed to make mistakes.  I am not a victim.  I am a miracle worker.”



Remember the situation is not what is making you upset.  Say the situation you wrote down is that a client did not call you back.  It is the thought you are having about the situation, the meaning you are giving to it, that is making you upset.  “My client didn’t call me back, so that must mean I suck.”  That is the thought that is upsetting you.  If I had the thought, “My client didn’t call me back, so that must mea I suck”.  I would feel sad and hopeless.  But if I said to myself, “My client hasn’t called me back, but I am a warrior and will choose not to take it personally,” I feel much better.

The other thing that helps, of course, is prayer!  A Course in Miracles calls a miracle a shift in perception from fear to love!  So ask God, “God please help shift my perspective.  Help me to see this with love instead of fear.”  And wait for a new perspective.  Wait for God to fix it.  


Wait for it… 

Wait for it…

Patience is key.  You might not get your answer right away, but you WILL get it!

Wow, that is amazing how it works!  Taking five minutes to sit down and write this down can completely change your day!  You can just write it on a piece of paper, or you can print it out from the image in this blog to write on.  Or you can email me directly, and I will send you the form to print!  There are many ways you can help yourself shift your perspective and have better days, and in turn a more beautiful life!  

I want to hear from you!

Share with me below about how you were able to shift your perspective!  What was your unhelpful thought, and what new, more helpful thought are you choosing moving forward?

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Peace, Love, and Helpful Thoughts,