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If learning about the Law of Attraction (the idea that the thoughts and emotions you put out into The Universe are what come back to you) makes you a tad fearful, then this post is for you!  If you are afraid that the negative thoughts, emotions, and energy you have put out into The Universe are blocking your manifestations, then keep reading!  I assure you that this is not the case, and read on to find out why.

Okay let’s talk manifesting!  I hope you read those words with the sparkly energy that is behind them. 

This is the definition of “manifesting” according to vocabulary.com:  

“A manifestation is the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real.

Manifestation’s origins are in religion and spirituality because if something spiritual becomes real, it is said to be a manifestation. The word’s usage has spread to include all aspects of life. “The submarine is a manifestation of da Vinci’s sketches.” “The crowd’s cheering hysteria was the manifestation of years of allegiance to the now victorious soccer league.”

Keep in mind that “real” is relative (I think spiritual truths are real, and I don’t have to see them), but for lack of a better term, “real” works here.  Think of manifesting as something spiritual turning into form, or thoughts, emotions, and visualizations turned into form.

I want to help you make manifesting “real” for you, so we are going to have a “real” talk about manifesting!  We are “real” people with “real” live emotions and problems, and sometimes manifesting can seem a little too woo-woo or out of reach, but I assure you it’s not.  You are manifesting all of the time, whether you know it or not.

One of the basic concepts of manifesting is that the energy and emotions you put out into The Universe is what you receive back.  The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

Go ahead and watch the video below, or just keep reading!


This is where my clients (and myself) can actually get stuck and turn ourselves into victims with thoughts such as,  OMG, I have put so much negative energy out into The Universe.  I’m scared at what is coming my way.”  Or “My manifestations will never happen, because I have put too much icky stuff out there.  I can’t do it.  It doesn’t work for me.  It’s too hard.”  Well of course it’s too hard if we think we have to be perfect! The fact is, we do not have to be perfect!  There is no perfect when it comes to manifesting!  

Those of us who are into spiritual truths, such as The Law of Attraction, can get a little,…what I might call “OCD” about the issue!  We try to control our thoughts and only have positive emotions!  That’s a tad too much pressure to live up to, so of course we give up.  No one can have only positive thoughts and emotions.  It’s not human.

My husband and I just got back from a week trip of following Paul McCartney.  We went to three concerts in a week.  For those of you who might not know me, you should know that my husband and I love The Beatles and Paul McCartney.  This is a huge part of our lives, and we always make these trips and concerts truly magical.  It is a perfect time to practice spiritual truths and manifesting.  I just told my husband that  I learn more about myself and spiritual truths in one night at a Paul McCartney concert than I could in a week long self-help retreat (even though I love those too).   


I make Paul shows my own little self-help retreats, because I get to practice all my skills of manifesting and managing anxiety.  Anytime I travel, I feel a portal open in my mind.  New thoughts, new emotions, new possibilities are more accessible to me.  And things I never thought were possible tend to happen.


This past trip was slightly different in that I started out in a negative place.   I was feeling stressed and pulled down by the gravity of the world.  I found myself in the same thoughts I help my clients through, “I have put too much icky stuff out there.   I probably cancelled out all of my manifestations.”  You can probably guess that was not the case.  And since I coach my clients through this all time, I was able to coach myself through it.  And now I want to coach you through it!  Try the below steps when you feel your manifestations are not working, because you can’t stop with the negative thoughts and emotions:

  1. Accept it.  Negative emotions, judgments, overreacting, thinking the worst; it happens.  It is all part of the human experience.  If you are in the midst of manifesting something big, all those things will become even stronger.  Do not try to push them away.  Acknowledging them as part of the human experience takes away their power.  Let it happen.  Identify the voice in your head that is going on a negative rampage.  It is not who you are, so you can’t control it anyway.  Let it be, and go ahead with your manifesting anyway.
  2. Clear it.  If you are worried that your negative energy is blocking your manifestations, then ask God or The Universe to clear it.  Say out loud, “Cancel, clear, delete anything that I might have put out there that would block my manifestation.  That wasn’t me.  The true me is certain and clear that I want to make this world a better place by raising my energy.  This manifestation will help me do so.  Please take any negativity and help it to disappear into the nothingness from which it came.”  Remember you can choose again at any time.  The miracle is instantaneous.  The past exists only in your mind.  So clear it and choose again.
  3.  Reframe it.   Reframe the “meltdown”.  My husband likes to say “better out than in”.  We get a buildup of energy that needs to be released from time to time.  Do not be afraid of it.  Think of yourself as releasing that negative energy and making room for something better, your manifestation perhaps.

The truth is that we keep ourselves victims by saying we can’t manifest.  We are not victims, and we CAN manifest.  Do not let The Law of Attraction give you anxiety.  That is missing the point.  No one is saying you have to have positive emotions all the time in order to manifest awesomeness.  You just have to start building on the positive emotions that you do have.  A little effort goes a long way.  For instance, they say that if you can stay in the feeling of the manifestation happening for 20 seconds, it is as good as “real”.  You can do this, my darling.

And what did we manifest on our trip this time?  Only meeting and getting pics with The Paul McCartney band, Paul saying “I love you man” to my hubby, and Paul McCartney saying my name.  I would say we manifested our asses off.  Everything that I mentioned that happened is not common, and I know the focused energy we put in leading up to the experience is what did it.  I knew Paul was going to say my name so strongly that I was crying before it happened.  THAT is manifesting.  We also were able to let go of any outcomes, just make having fun the goal, while holding onto the idea that anything is possible.  That is an entirely different post!

My hope is that now that you have read this, you know you have the power to manifest too.  Raising your vibration helps the planet, so get to it!  Nothing you have done or felt previously has the power to block your manifestation unless you allow that.  Choose again.  Choose now to command your power.  Anything is possible.  Find your own spiritual truth, and watch it come into form.



And tell me how it goes by writing a comment below!  Tell me about something you are manifesting and what feeling does it give you?  You can probably tell by the look on my face in this picture what feeling I got when Paul said “I love you man!” to my hubby!

Now it is your turn!  What feeling will your manifestation give you?  Send it out into The Universe with the knowing that it will be returned.



For an individual manifesting coaching session with me, please email me at elizabeth@yourhighestlight.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Peace, Love, and Happy Manifesting,