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There is one shift that you can make that will help you let go of guilt or regret attached to the past, live happier and more fulfilled in the present, and create an amazing future for yourself!

What more could we want?  (Enter fireworks!  By the way, I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!  My hubby and I went to a swimming bbq at my parents, and we had fun!)

Remember this world complicates things, but the spiritual answer is always light and simple.  If you are feeling heavy and burdened right now, then please read on in order to lighten your emotional and spiritual load!

What is the belief that will change your life once you start truly applying it?

Everything happens for a reason!!

It sounds so cliche right?  I mean you may even ask, Elizabeth what evidence do you have that everything happens for a reason?  



My answer?


Keep reading or watch the video below!


We don’t need evidence, and I don’t bother looking for it.  Although I do have a deep knowing that this is true for me.  Only you get to decide if it’s true for you.

We don’t need evidence that it is true.  We just need to know that this belief will help us live better, higher vibe, lives.  We totally have evidence of that.  This belief will free us from anything that is holding us down.  This belief helps us create anything we want in our futures.  This is because it helps us let go of how we think things should be and accept things as they are. 

Have you ever wasted a day holding onto how you think things should be instead of accepting what is?  I know I have!

We must believe everything happens for a reason to free ourselves, and we must start now!

Now for the sake of this post, I am not talking about dealing with long time tragic events.  I am talking about the day-to-day things that “go wrong”.  I am talking about being stuck in traffic, that irritating costumer, a bad hair day, that embarrassing thing you said at work, or when the line at the grocery store closes when your cart is full.

“Everything happens for a reason.  This is making my life better.” 



We don’t have to know what the reason is, but we do need to know that there is a good reason.  Maybe you would have gotten into a car accident if it wasn’t for the traffic.  Maybe someone in that grocery store line needed your smile at that exact moment.  Living your life this way is about connecting to the bigger picture and knowing, we are all one.  Things don’t always happen on your schedule.  God/The Universe knows best.

How does this help you to live more happily and deeply in the moment?  It helps you create a more meaningful life by getting out of your own head and actually connecting with those around you.  It helps you let go of the past and to make better decisions in the present in order to create a better future.



What happens when we don’t believe everything happens for a reason?  We blame.  We feel guilty.  We try to control.  We get stuck and can’t move forward.

What happens when we do believe everything happens for a reason?  We feel peace.  We are in the flow.  We can look positively to the future.  We are free.

Success is not about never taking a detour into fear.  It is about recognizing the detour and correcting course quickly.  The faster you can make the shift, “this happened for a reason”, and say “thank you”, the faster you get on track to creating the life you want.

Try it!  Say “thank you!” the next time things don’t appear to go your way!  OMG, I am doing it right now, and it is so freeing.  It means I can let go of my past “mistakes”, even if I would do things differently.  I can do things differently in the future.  I can’t change the past, so why try?  It’s all teaching me a lesson, and I will come out stronger!



This is empowering stuff!

Choose to believe that even difficult things are part of your flow.  That will help you stay in the flow.  It will help you put less attention on what is wrong and more attention on what is right.

Forgive the past and the your present moment is all yours.

Don’t forgive the past and you are giving away pieces of your present moment.

Say it one more time with me, “Everything happens for a reason.  I give this to God.  Thank you.”  And now look around and say out loud 3 things that are going right for you.

Post below and tell me an experience you had that you know happened for a reason!

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Peace, Love, and It All Is Happening For A Good Reason,