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Today I want to talk about fears and how to get past them.  

My husband and I just got back from our trip to LA.  It was amazing as always, and we realized something on the plane ride back.  My husband’s horrendous fear of flying that plagued him for years is almost…gone!  A miracle!



Today I am going to share with you how my husband got over his fear of flying and how you can get over your fears too! 

Check out this video below, or just keep reading!


At the end of this blog, I will share some specific steps my hubby used to calm his fear of flying, but first I want to talk about the motivation to get over the fear in the first place.  This is important, because if you have the motivation to become bigger than your fears, nothing can stop you.  The motivation is everything.  You will find your own steps to conquer the fear once you know you want it.


It is not just that you are bigger than your fears.  Your soul is bigger than your fears.  Think about it.  Fears pass.  Your soul stays.  

It reminds me of any job that I had in my life that I hated.  The job caused so much stress and fear.  I would obsess over the problems.  The minute I left the job though, all the problems went away.  It’s as if they never mattered.  How can something that seemed so important at the time dwindle away so quickly into the nothingness from which it came?  That’s what fears and problems do.  In the spiritual sense, they were never real.  Only love remains.

So what motivated a man (my husband) who said he would never fly to become a man who flies across the country multiple times a year without fear?   You guessed it…love.

His love for his wife, and…wait for it…Paul McCartney.   Yes, Paul helped me out with this one.  


Love was my husband’s why for getting over his fear, the love he has for his wife and Paul McCartney.  He loves those two things more than his fear.  Love always conquers fear.

So before you plan on HOW you will get over your fear, let’s start with WHY.  What is your motivation for getting over your fear?  What do you love and cherish more than your fear?  What will you gain out of conquering your fear?  

Once you know WHY you are conquering your fear, keep that why with you all the time.  It will be your reason for
not giving up.  Treasure your why more than your fear.  Make it bigger than any fear that comes your way.


Now for the the how.  Remember the world likes to complicate things, but the spiritual answer is always light and simple, so do not make the how too complicated.  Here at Your Highest Light, we keep it simple.  First of all, you must face your fear.  The only way to conquer your fear is to face it.  Bring your why into the picture when you think about your fear.  Visualize your fear small and your why really big!

For my hubby, it was quite simple to get over his fear of flying.  He was truly deathly afraid.  This was no small matter.  But I gave him tools to help.  I list them below:

  1. 4, 6, 8 breathing – Breath in for four, hold for six, out for eight.  I had to remind him to do this each time, because he would forget.  Put a reminder alarm on your phone, or ask someone to remind you.  Your brain will want to keep you afraid, so you have to work against that momentum by adding the breathing.
  2. Essential Oil – We added  lavender and frankincense (use a quality oil, I use doTERRA).  Put a couple drops in your palms, rub together, and breathe it while you do your breathing.
  3. Gratitude Journal – Write down, or tell someone, everything you are thankful for before the scary activity.
  4. Sing Sing a Song – My husband sang The Beatles Song, Yesterday, to himself during take off and landing.  It worked for him, and during the last trip, he didn’t even have to do it anymore!

Keep your fear crushing strategies simple, so you can remember them.  When our brain gets in fear mode, it likes to forget what will help.  That is why you must keep the answer light and simple.  Light and simple works.  It’s not too good to be true!

Comment below and tell me what is your WHY for getting over a fear!  I can’t wait to hear!  And I have something big and exciting that I am going to be offering next week!  Stay tuuuuuuuned!

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Peace, Love, and No Fear Today,