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Last Friday afternoon, I had a wave of nausea.  

Am I the only one who gets those?  My nausea has a lot to say to me.

I actually had to lay down for a few minutes, and since I was not feeling well, my brain went to some fearful places.  I realized that I was revisiting my past and choosing to tell myself stories in my head.  For some reason, this one was all about money.  I am doing some work uncovering limiting beliefs in this area, so it is fitting that the nausea would come about now!

Before I go any further, I want to encourage you to stop and put an intention out into The Universe.  Make it your intention to uncover something that is holding you back from living the life you want.  You want to reveal just one of your past patterns and stories that you are telling yourself, so you can choose to change it.  Because you CAN choose to change it, and you can choose right now.


Have you ever been in a “whoa is me” sort of mood?  Haven’t we all?  Well these moods have something to tell us.  The next time a mood like that hits you, let it go wild.  Go with it. What thoughts are the mood bringing to your head?  Those are the thoughts that need to be revealed in order to be changed!  Approach the thoughts and mood with curiosity.  Use it to your advantage.  Don’t fight it.

Go ahead and watch the video below, and/or just keep reading!


My “whoa is me” mood-crazy-train-thoughts were something along these lines…..”Oh boy I suck.  I can’t do it.  I have nothing (which is so not true, by the way).  My whole life, I have always spent more money than I have made.  What a waste.  This is just how I am.  It won’t change.”  Whoa….that thought, “My whole life, I have always spent more money than I have made”?  What was that about?   


I had this vision of when I was little, and I had saved $100.  I remember where I had it stored in my room.  I was saving it to go shopping, and I felt so excited about having this money that was mine to do with what I wanted.  My mom brought me to the mall.  I spent all the money, and I remember crying afterwards.  I was so sad and freaked out that it was all gone.  I actually laugh now when I think of the memory, because it’s kind of funny!

Like I said, I have been working on changing my limiting beliefs about money.  I am currently reading Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book about manifesting, Get Rich Lucky Bitch (an amazing book), and she talks about forgiving all your past mistakes about money.  I have put that intention out there, and in my breakdown state, this useful memory came up. 

It is funny that I attached the belief “I always spend more money than I make” to that story of when I was little!  Because first of all, I did not spend more than I made in that instance!  But that feeling that I had after spending that money stayed with me.  It was a terrible, empty, scary feeling, and I must have took it to mean that I sucked!  I took it to mean I was bad with money and that I spend more than I have.  That belief that I developed when I was young shaped my actions as I got older.  Amazing.

Bringing the memory to light, I can see that the conclusion I drew from that experience was not true.  It did not matter that it wasn’t true at the time, because it was the belief I took out of it.  Now that I know where the belief came from, I can choose to believe something else.  I brought a subconscious belief to my conscious mind, and for that reason, was able to change it.


So I took the step that Denise suggests, and I forgave that story.  I said:

“I love you.  I love myself.  I forgive you.  I forgive myself.  I forgive this story.  I release this story and starting today, I choose a new one.  I respect my money.  Money loves to stick around me.  I love money and money loves me.”

Choose again.  Release your stories from the past.

What area of our life are you looking to improve?  Do you want to be more fit?  Do you want more money?  Do you want to find love?  Do you simply want more peace of mind?  Do you want to start seeing yourself differently? 

Whatever it is, choose to release any past stories around the issue.  

When the story comes up, be curious about it.  What are you telling yourself about the situation?  You can choose to change what you have been telling yourself.  Say out loud what your story has been to this point.  Then say out loud, “I forgive you.  I love you.  I forgive myself.  I love myself.  I now choose a different story which is…..”


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Elizabeth Cermak