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I was completely freaked out.  I woke up every morning with my heart beating out of my chest.  When I opened my eyes, the panic began.  Did I mess up?  Was that person mad at me?  Did I do something wrong?  Did everyone forget about me?  Should I not have eaten that?  Is my hair falling out?  Am I ugly?  Am I bad for worrying about my appearance?  Am I a good aunt/friend/sister/daughter?  Is there something wrong?  I must find and fix what is wrong…

Whoa, some rough mantras I had going on!  Can anyone else relate to rough mantras going through your head all day?  


I had to do something about it.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong and yet I had this horrid fear following me around that I could NOT shake.  No matter how many exercise classes I took or how many green smoothies I drank, there was something inside of me that was keeping me in fear.

So I did something about it.  I decided things needed to change, and that fear was no longer going to be my choice.  I got my butt to a meditation class, and I started a serious spiritual practice.  I decided to start raising my vibe, start trusting, and stop fearing.

I believe that you too have the right to live free from fear.  I believe that it is your right to live in joy and abundance.  And I want to offer you an awesome opportunity to make a change for yourself.  You can do this, and I can help!

I have put together a six week online course that seriously has everything I know about the journey from fear to love.  I have put all of myself into this course.  I have my masters degree in counseling and 20 years of experience in the mental health field, along with 20 years of experience as a spiritual seeker and student of A Course in Miracles.  I did the research.  I figured it out and put it together, so you do not have to.  I want it to be easier for you than it was for me.  

And now it is!  This course is simply available for you to purchase and do in your own time!  You will receive a recorded module every week for 6 weeks along with home fun sheets that will keep you moving forward on your journey from fear to love!  This course is all you  need to make a change in your life.  IF you follow what it says, you will experience miracles.  

Just to name a few things you will learn in this course:  How to raise your vibe, how to medidate, practice mindfulness and forgiveness.  How to create more joy for yourself, limit energy vampires, how to manifest and create the life you want, how to practice self-love, let go of limiting beliefs, and change your concept of who you are!  

Sound like a plan?


Make this commitment to yourself to make your life better, to live more in joy and faith, and to live less in fear.

And you get the entire 6 weeks course for less than a single coaching session with me!  It’s so worth it.  You cannot afford not to take advantage of this.

Are you ready for miracles?  Lets do this!

Click here to purchase the course!  

From Fear To Love,