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You know that feeling when you are in alignment.  Oh yes.  You move, The Universe moves.  This is YOUR life to direct.  You do not get hung up on anything.  It reminds me of The Beatles Song, Strawberry Fields Forever.  Problems cannot touch you.  They may arise, but they are nothing compared to where you are going.  You smile.  Everyone smiles at you.  This day is yours.

And yes, you also know the feeling when you are out of alignment.  Ick.  You just don’t feel right.  You get hung up on EVERYTHING.  It feels like The Universe is working against you.  Someone looks at you the wrong way, and you either want to cry or scream.  You are actually afraid of all the negative energy you are putting out there.  The day is NOT yours, and you can’t wait until it’s over. 

Today I want to talk about the ONE thing you can do to get yourself back into alignment when you feel as if you have fallen off the alignment wagon!  

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The answer is light and simple as always.  Are you ready?  I am going to lay it out right now.  I want you to simply ask yourself ONE thing the next time you feel out of alignment.  And here it is:

What am I trying to control?


Remember manifesting is not controlling and controlling is not manifesting.  Sometimes we are on top of the world with our manifesting and allowing good into our lives when suddenly we feel a scary shift.  That shift is our ego showing up thinking we have to start controlling things in order to keep this going.

This happened to me recently.  My husband and I manifested something awesome, and we both got scared.  I know about this scary manifesting backlash, so I was able to work us through it.  Whether the fear comes through a manifesting backlash or something else, it is a sure sign you are trying to control something.

What is the signal you need in order to check in to see what you are trying to control?  The only signal is if you don’t feel good!  If you feel good and light and happy, you are not trying to control.  If you don’t, chances are you are.


Many times we do not even realize we are trying to control something!  If you just stop and ask yourself this question, it will bring it to your awareness.  That is the first step to letting it go, and sometimes it is all we need.  

The next step is simply giving it to God or The Universe by saying, “May your will not mine be done. “   Say to yourself, “I trust that God knows what is the highest good for all.”  

God DOES know what is the highest good for all.  This is great news, because you do not have to.  That is not your job.  You just need to follow the signs The Universe hands you.  The rest is not up to you.


You can guide your life in the direction you want it to go, but you do not have ultimate control.  This is where “going with the flow” comes in.  Yes, have boundaries, stand up for yourself, do good, raise your vibe, help others, have goals, go for big things in life, and do it with a balance of strength and ease.  Leave room in your life and mind for miracles.  As long as you leave room, God will fill it.

And the next time you feel out of alignment with love or The Universe or God, just do the following steps:

  1. Ask yourself, what am I trying to control?  And name what it is.
  2. Say out loud to God or The Universe, “May your will not mine be done.  I trust that God knows what is the highest good for all.”
  3. Find something in your life to appreciate this moment.

And now you can get back on the alignment wagon.

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Peace, Love, and Alignment,