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Merry Christmas to all my readers!  I wanted to just do a quick drop in to remind you to look for angels this time of year.  It is the season for angels!

You can watch my video below, or you can just keep reading!



Every year around this time I like to do an “Angel Challenge” that helps us to rise above the franticness of the season and really see and feel the magic.  That is what the season is all about.

The angel challenge is really similar to Positive Psychology.  It’s looking for the good in the day.  All you need to do at the beginning of each day is to look for the angel assignment for the day.  You can take a picture, just take note, tag me, email me, text me, whatever you feel called to do.


Remember it is really easy to find the negativity and fear in the air right now.  It takes strength to find the good.  The Bible says “The meek shall inherit the earth.”   And A Course In Miracles says this is because their strength shall take it over.  Dare to be the one to find an angel this year.

Christmas is the season of angels.  Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who told Mary she would be giving birth to baby Jesus.  If you find some stillness in your mind, you can hear some messages for you too.  What is it that you are supposed to bring into the world this year?  There are whisperings of things to come, A New Earth perhaps.  What is your role?  When you look back on this time in history, what do you want to be able to say about what your role?  Where is your mindset?

I did a blog a few years ago about thriving through the holidays.  Below is the video that accompanied it.




The three steps that helped me to thrive through the holidays (and that I think can help you too) were the following:


Remember don’t expect to please everyone, and don’t expect everyone to please you.  That is not what this world is about.  Rise above the stress and connect with an angel.  A Course in Miracles calls angels the thoughts of God.

Here are some examples:

I am worthy.

I am safe.

I am loved.

I love myself.

I love others.

The thoughts of God should lift you to new heights.  Remember we have about a week and a half of the year left right now.  Ask yourself what you want more of in your life for the rest of this year.  Pick one thing, and then radiate that thing.  Whatever it is, become it.  Give it to yourself.

Because you are worth it.

All my love for the last part of 2021.